6-Week Better YOU Challenge!

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Join our next 100% virtual challenge right now - Upon joining, you'll receive your biometric scale and bluetooth heart rate monitor within days, access to our proprietary app, personal nutrition and exercise plan, and professional and caring guidance & coaching throughout the challenge...you'll be 100% ready to jump into the challenge with the group! Within 48 hours of completing your purchase, you will be supplied with a link which will directly connect you with the app and enroll with your personal data to help us create your custom parameters...recipes, meal plans, workout routines. This is virtually the same complete wellness/weight-loss program we have offered for thousands of $$$, now packaged as a fun and effective challenge for a fraction of the cost!

We're passionate about helping busy men and women be their Better YOU.  We understand how hard it is to find the time and motivation to devote to YOUR personal wellness.  

That's why we developed the Better YOU Challenge.  Our program will help you find the time, motivation and personal strategies to reach your goals.  We'll take the guesswork out of becoming the best version of yourself.

With 70% of the U.S. population being either overweight or obese, the majority of people are either looking for an effective weight-loss program...repeatedly...or have unfortunately just given up. Although you will see some gratifying and even amazing weight-loss results with this program, my primary motivation is not to simply see the scale show lower numbers. It is, rather, to prevent, arrest, and even reverse the health damage which comes along with obesity. Not a day goes by when we don't see our participants reduce or eliminate medications for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, including hypertension, watch their cholesterol and other risk factors optimize...just by following the simple lifestyle changes we recommend and fully coach them through. 

If you're on medications for metabolic conditions, trying to avoid going on medications, or simply want your health to be in the best possible place - and enjoy the feeling which goes with it...this program is for you! My life is totally fulfilling from spending the past 40 years helping folks who desperately need, but haven't found it, find the answers and execute the strategies to achieve their best lives ever!


Dr. Eric M. Kusher/Founder

Compass Total Wellness